Egyptische Erde ® + Gold Kabuki Brush

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Egyptische Erde ® + Gold Kabuki Brush
Egyptische Erde ® + Gold Kabuki Brush

Egyptische Erde ® is not a typical powder that gives the skin a sunny glow. It is baked cream that contain minerals, oils and vitamins. Bikor Makeup focuses on an innovative combination of color cosmetics with effective skin care.

Innovative technology has allowed us to achieve the extraordinary flexibility of the formula developed by Małgorzata Wedekind, thanks to which gradation of color and application are extremely simple. You can adapt the universal shade of the Egyptische Erde to your complexion by applying more light layers. Ideally suited for contouring and warming the skin tone.

Egyptische Erde ® + Gold Kabuki Brush
  • Egyptische Erde ® + Gold Kabuki Brush
  • Over 20 years ago, Elżbieta Korbutt, the founder of Bikor Makeup, changed the lives of many women who today cannot imagine morning routine without a magic sun kissed touch before leaving home.

    The ingredients of our bestseller have been selected to optimally improve the condition and comfort of the skin every day. Behind the beautiful packaging, extremely natural color and love of thousands women there are also great effects that you will see on your own skin!

    Egyptische Erde ® received the "Cosmetic of All Times" award from Wizaż.pl

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    Vitamin A

    Reduces wrinkles, fades brown spots, and smooths roughness.

    Vitamin E

    Quells dryness by helping skin retain its natural moisturizers. Protects skin from damaging free radicals.

    Peanut oil

    Rich in vitamins and minerals, calming and moisturizes irritated skin.

    Jojoba oil

    Given its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it works perfectly as a moisturizer for problematic skin.

    Shea butter

    Helps neutralize free radical damage, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and fading age spots, as well as stimulating collagen production. Perfect for sensitive and allergic skin. Natural skin protection from UV rays.

    Hyaluronic acid

    Maintains proper moisture level, fills in wrinkles, making skin looks younger and its tone even.


    Egyptian Earth

    The original Egyptian Earth Bikor comes in one universal shade that adapts to your complexion. The shade is neutral - without clear warm and cold tones. The only bronzer that allows you to achieve the effect of a natural tan.



    Due to its elaborate composition, Bikor Egyptische Erde is an irreplaceable beauty product that not only makes you look more beautiful, but also conditions your skin while it is at it. Its formula was created over twenty years ago and is constantly subjected to improvements that are inspired by the latest developments in cosmetic technology. The product has quickly gained a cult status and plans to stay on this path.

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  • FAQ

    I have a fair skin. Will Egyptische Erde fit well with my skin? Its color seems to be too dark for me.

    Yes. Egyptische Erde is a universal and intelligent beauty product that adapts to all skin types. First application gives the effect of natural illumination. With each subsequent one, you will reach a new level of tan (up to nine layers), and model the oval of your face.

    Is Egyptische Erde a mineral powder?

    Yes, it is a bronzer with the characteristics of a mineral cream. To be more specific: they are vitamins and minerals that in the final phase form an emulsion which then undergoes the process of baking.

    Can Egyptische Erde be used as a substitute for a foundation?

    BIKOR Egyptische Erde is not a powder but a cream in a form of a moist stone. Instead of covering up, it evens the skin tone. For the camouflage effect, you might want to use OSLO powder before applying Egyptische Erde. It illuminates the skin, camouflages dark circles under the eyes and imperfections. To make the best use of its qualities, apply Egyptische Erde directly on the skin. As a result, nutrients and skin-nourishing ingredients contained therein will sink into your skin, allowing it to